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“TrakRap’s innovative cold wrap technology and its specially designed stretch film has enabled us to reduce plastic usage by an incredible 32 tonnes since 2014.”

Operations Manager – mid-size pharmaceutical company

“Since installing the first TrakRap Machine at our dairy, elimination of heat has allowed us to significantly reduce energy usage which is good news for us and the environment, as is the System’s ability to significantly reduce plastic usage.”

Owner – Regional Dairy Company

“By using an environmentally friendly stretch film instead of shrink wrap to package our products we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,000 tonnes and reduced energy usage by around 462,000 kWh every year.”

Operations Director – Major FMCG Manufacturer

“It’s great to know we have the flexibility with the growth of our business. We’ve completely eliminated corrugate from the packaging process, which has dramatically reduced our materials usage.”

Assistant Site Manager – Major Dairy Manufacturer.