The Pack Design

TrakRap is independent, so we work with leading packaging suppliers to create ground breaking solutions that use the minimum amount of material to get the job done. All our designs combine our ‘cold wrap’ film, either on its own or with the minimum amount of corrugate, cartonboard or RPET, that’s why we can guarantee that our packs will be lower cost and have a lower carbon footprint than any other transit or RRP solution. Put simply, we use less of everything, so it costs less and produces less waste.

Working with our customers we bring our vast experience of packaging materials, supply chains and retail to the table in a well established, collaborative process that’s absolutely free.

Our Designs

All our designs start with disposal and the impact on the environment and work backwards all the way to how the raw materials are supplied. Our full range of options have been designed with a clear focus on the demands of the retailer, often referred to as the 5 ‘Easies’:

  • Easy to identify the product
  • Easy to prepare the product for the shelf
  • Easy to place on the shelf
  • Easy to breakdown the packaging into individual substrates
  • Easy to recycle – and all this at the lowest possible cost

We have divided our range of packs into four categories and produced an easy to follow ‘Solution Finder’, so you can select which category is best suited to your product. Our solutions team will also be able to advise regarding bespoke designs and solutions, no matter what the primary pack, whether it be: cartons, tins, jars, tubs, bags or loose products.


This is by far the lowest cost option and can be used for wrapping un-collated products such as tins, bags and cartons, that have good integral primary pack strength and simply need collating for distribution.

Using up to 90% less energy and up to 70% less film than the out dated heat tunnels, the TrakFilm solution will wrap your products at speeds up to 50 packs per minute, at the lowest cost possible and with no Capex.



A low cost RRP solution for collating products such as: jars, tubs, bottles, cartons aerosols etc. that have good primary pack strength but need to be shelf ready.

Available in corrugated, RPET or solid board. Using a minimal amount of packaging materials and ideal for high speed or manual packaging lines, yet still saving on film and energy costs, TrakTray is the perfect solution in this packaging category.

Card_film tins


An alternative RRP solution to TrakTray for collating products that have some integral primary pack strength, but need additional support in transit as well as being shelf ready. Available in corrugate RPET or solid board, combined with a minimal amount of ‘cold wrap’ film.

TrakPak replaces 0201 or ‘tear off’ RRP boxes typically reducing the amount of packaging materials by 30% to 40%, resulting in big cost savings. TrakPak is ideal for high speed or manual packaging lines and can also improve line efficiencies.



This category of designs is for products that are uneven, or have little or no primary pack strength and need stronger levels of protection for transit, such as bags of crisps, pastries, cakes, frozen chips, peas or delicate items like biscuits.

Available in corrugate combined with a minimal amount of ‘cold wrap’ film, these packs typically reduce corrugate use by 25% to 35% and can half the amount of time taken to merchandise frozen products in freezer wells. TrakStak offers significant cost savings over 0201 cases normally used for frozen food.

Card_film Frozen peas 5163

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