The Machine

TrakRap machines eliminate the need for heat tunnels entirely through the use of ‘cold wrap’ technology. This solution uses an orbital wrapping process to apply specially designed, ultra-thin stretch film to products and reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% and material usage by as much as 70%. The TrakRap System is suitable for 90% of primary SKUs in supermarkets.

Cold Wrap Technology

‘Cold wrap’ technology refers to the securing of collations of primary products to form packs without the need for heat. Our solution uses an orbital wrapping process to apply specially designed, ultra-thin stretch film to products.

To do this at high speed, the tension of the film, the speed and the angle at which it is applied to a group of primary packs is critical and must reflect the size, shape and weight of the items as they move through the machine to ensure an effective, stable pack. For this reason, each machine is manufactured with Siemens SIMATIC and SINAMICS technology to control film tension and accurately maintain the position of the packs as they pass through the orbital wrapping process to guarantee pack quality.

Utilising cold wrap technology eliminates the need for thick plastic and heat entirely – making it a low carbon solution for aerosols, ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen products.

Guaranteed Cost Reduction & Improved Sustainability

Because the TrakRap System uses less of everything, we can pass the savings on to our customers. That’s why we can guarantee the lowest price and lowest carbon footprint per pack, no matter what the primary pack is. We simply won’t be beaten on pack price.

Typically we deliver:

  • 10 to 20% Lower Pack Costs
  • 70% Less Carbon
  • 70% Less Packaging
  • 100% Recyclable Film (including GreenRap Closed-Loop Solution)
  • Significant Reduction in Merchandising Cost

Enhanced Productivity

The TrakRap machine is a fully automated digital system that is completely Industry 4.0 enabled. Whether it’s preventative maintenance through remote monitoring via Mindsphere, MES auto set up, integration with upstream production, data to monitor shift patterns, up time performance and productivity, right down to simple manual feeding.

  • Powered by Digital Servo Drives that are much more reliable, precise & accurate compared to analogue motors.
  • Digital inputs and outputs enable us to provide remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and virtual commissioning.
  • One size of film which is simple and easy to replace and through the TP700 comfort HMI user interface, enables typical pack size changes in less than 5 minutes.

No Capex, Pay Per Wrap

We know how to combine the minimal corrugate solution with the minimum film solution at exactly the right tension, with the right in-feed system and least energy, all at a guaranteed lowest cost price promise.

Price Per Pack includes:

  • The Machine
  • The Film
  • Pack Design (if required)
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Call Outs
  • All Parts and Servicing
  • On Site Training and Bespoke Manuals

Customisable In & Out Feeds

We understand that every manufacturer’s processes and environments differ, that’s why we have engineered our machines with flexibility in mind utilising a unique modular design.

Our machine is capable of wrapping cartons, jars, bags, trays, pots, bottles, cans or indeed anything else and whether your packs are already collated or un-collated the TrakRap system can be configured to deliver robust and stable packs every time.

Flighted Conveyor

Helps to evenly space product quickly and conveniently.

Suitable for collated and uncollated product.

Belted Conveyor (Indexed Belt)

Allows for various sized product to be ran at one time without the need for programme changes.

Pusher System

Use active conveyors to push product through the line.

Suitable for Collated and uncollated product.

Scroll System

Allows for maintenance of collations throughout the line.

Suitable for collated product.

Hot Wire Cutter

Allows for the separation of packs in one, continual high speed motion.

Crimper Cut

Enables the separation of packs in one single motion.


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