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The TrakRap System is the combination of pack design collation, ultra-thin film and a cold wrapping machine that will always deliver the lowest cost, lowest carbon, sustainable solution for end of line packaging (also known as secondary, transit or retail ready packaging).

Our huge investment in eco-innovation has given us a unique advantage. The TrakRap machine uses ‘cold wrap’ technology to open up a whole new level of cost reduction. Typically, by using 90% less energy, 70% less plastic and wherever possible reducing cardboard, we can guarantee savings of between 10% and 20% compared to traditional shrink wrapping or cardboard boxes. Add this to our ‘pay per use’ model which means there’s no Capex required and no hidden costs, and you can see how we can proudly boast that we will never be beaten on the price per pack.

The Machine

At the heart of the TrakRap System is the TrakRap machine. Our innovative technology driven, orbital-wrapping system takes secondary packaging to a whole new level with the use of the ‘cold wrap’ technology, Siemens latest industry 4.0 solutions and specially designed, ultra-thin, 100% recyclable stretch film.

The Film

We have developed one film, in one size that is 100% recyclable and able to wrap a huge variety of products that reduces plastic use by up to 70% compared to heat tunnels. Alongside our clear film is GreenRap which is an identifiable film we have introduced to help retailers achieve their closed-loop recycling objectives.


The Pack Designs

Whether it’s increasing sales through better “on shelf” presentation, or taking the time out of shelf replenishment through packs that are quicker to prepare for shelf, or even taking cost out of the supply chain through less inbound pallets or packs our packaging design team will help to develop a solution.

Benefits of The Trakrap System

70% Less Plastic

90% Less Energy

30% Less Cardboard

100% Recyclable

20% Lower Pack Cost

0° – No Heat

1-50 Packs per Minute

Easy Opening

Superb Shelf Presence

1 Film Size

Industry 4.0 Connectivity

Fast Change Over

Closed-Loop Recycling
Now Available

Introducing GreenRap, the easily identifiable, 100% Recyclable Film! One problem with plastic packaging is that it keeps getting out into the environment which is why we created GreenRap, which is tinted slightly green making it easy to identify and segregate at the point it is taken off. In-store operatives will then place it into our provided GreenSac, a reusable, 100% recyclable sack to return to us.

Lowest Cost –
No Capex

There is no cost for The TrakRap machine – At TrakRap, we are confident that our system will deliver a lower cost, more environmentally friendly solution and we want our customers to reap these benefits as soon as possible. We have done this by providing our system on a cost per case basis without any requirement for Capex.

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“TrakRap’s innovative cold wrap technology and its specially designed stretch film has enabled us to reduce plastic usage by an incredible 32 tonnes since 2014.”


Operations Manager – a mid-size pharmaceutical company

“Since installing the first TrakRap Machine at our dairy, elimination of heat has allowed us to significantly reduce energy usage which is good news for us and the environment, as is the System’s ability to significantly reduce plastic usage.”


Owner – Regional Dairy Company

“By using an environmentally friendly stretch film instead of shrink wrap to package our products we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,000 tonnes and reduced energy usage by around 462,000 kWh every year.”


Operations Director – Major FMCG Manufacturer

“It’s great to know we have the flexibility with the growth of our business. We’ve completely eliminated corrugate from the packaging process, which has dramatically reduced our materials usage.”


Assistant Site Manager – Major Dairy Manufacturer.