Price Promise

At TrakRap, our whole ethos is to use less of everything, because we know that it’s good for the environment and good for reducing the cost of packaging for you. We can do this because of our investment in ‘cold wrap’ technology. Not only does our packaging system mean we use less film and energy than any other comparative system, but there is no heat involved so we can also reduce the amount of corrugate used compared to the traditional methods of packing, particularly with chilled and frozen products. We want to work with you to make it as easy as possible for you to reap these benefits quickly.

We have done this by developing a ‘pay as you use it’ system that we call ‘pay-per wrap’.  This treats the machine as a variable cost which is recovered in the cost of each pack, meaning that there is no Capex required. Instead, we guarantee that each pack is cheaper than you currently pay, whether you’re converting from cardboard boxes or from shrink wrapped packs. Of course, we continue to own the machine, but we also take responsibility for its performance whether it’s up time, call out response, training or servicing. This leaves you to focus on the outputs rather than having to worry about the inputs.

A key part of our ‘servitisation’ system is that we bring all our experience to bear by providing a free consultancy service up front to identify your current cost per pack. We will then make you an offer that gives you a lower cost per pack and, even more importantly, we will underwrite the gross savings, giving you the confidence to write the numbers into your business plan in the all important ‘cost reduction’ section.

What’s Included?

  • End of Line Packaging Cost Consultancy

    After signing a confidentiality agreement, our experienced team will work with you to assess your packaging needs and collect the necessary data to identify the current cost of your end of line packaging by product.

  • The TrakRap System: Machine, Film & Pack Design

    Our team will work with you to assess whether we are the right solution for you, which means we will produce initial samples, design a suitable pack if required, draw up a machine solution and show you how it integrates with existing or other new equipment, so that you know exactly what to expect before making any commitments.

  • Our Offer

    Once we’ve completed the above steps, we will then make you an offer on a price per pack basis. We will also identify the gross savings this will give you and underwrite this number for your business plan.

  • Your Commitment to Us

    By the time we’ve got to this stage, we’ve already committed a lot of resource and we need to know that you’re committed to realising the benefits before we commit any further resources. This is not binding but includes a proposal and proforma invoice for you to sign that shows the costs of the system (pay per wrap), the equipment, specifications, operating method, layout and the next steps in making the change and confirms you are willing to commit to them.

  • Change Management & Working with your Customers

    We already have support from a large number of retailers for our low carbon footprint packs and packaging waste reduction and can work with you to ensure that any pack sign off required is completed at this stage. We will also provide change management expertise to ensure that the project is completed to the timescales we have jointly agreed and with the full support of decision-makers and operatives alike.

  • Contract

    Before we can begin the build process we need to sign the contract. There are two parts to this, the machine performance agreement which details our commitment to service levels and ownership, and your responsibility for using the equipment. The second part is the price per pack which is worked out as a tonnage of film per year to complete the planned number of packs. Of course this will vary from the plan and at the end of each year we will jointly review the actual quantity and adjust the plan accordingly for the following year. There are no other charges even for call-outs, maintenance, servicing, parts or training – it’s all included!

  • Training & Installation

    Prior to and upon installation, we will provide training to your operators and engineering team with tailor-made user manuals for your specific needs and ongoing training and support for any future upgrades.

  • Ongoing Service & Maintenance

    Our servicing and maintenance are scheduled around you, therefore if it is most beneficial for installation, maintenance or servicing to be done out-of-hours to avoid disruption. We will plan to suit this at no extra cost. We’ll also run improvement plans with your engineering team where we will proactively implement modifications or upgrades to improve your OEE.

  • Spare Parts

    To ensure minimum disruption you will also receive a surplus of spare parts so that fixes can be made efficiently which your engineer may be able to handle or we will immediately send one of our engineers over to help as well as provide on-call guidance. In the event that there is not a part available we will get it to you within 24 hours (and usually same day). If it’s something you can fit yourself we’ll post it. If it’s something we need to fit we’ll come and fit it.

  • Continual Upgrades

    Changes to production lines happen and we’re happy to support it, whether that is accommodating new products, changes to the product format, increasing speeds or new factory layouts. We will modify, refurbish, upgrade or replace machines to future-proof your wrapping system. There are no charges for any of it.

Why this approach?

End of line packaging is a necessity to get primary products from the manufacturer to the major retailers! It needs to be fit for purpose, whether it’s transit or shelf ready, it has to protect the primary product in transit and it has to meet changing environmental and sustainability standards.Once you have all these things it simply has to be the lowest cost. TrakRap ticks all these boxes, plus we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the benefits of our equipment so we can fight climate change together.

We understand that there are many competing projects for Capex and we firmly believe you should be spending it on things that truly differentiate you from your competitors such as new product development, product quality, product manufacturing and primary packaging / filling.  Our ‘pay-per-wrap’ system requires no Capex, so you can do both.

Invest in your primary products and at the same time, deliver cost reduction in your secondary packaging. We’ll even support you with installation, training and maintenance, it’s all in the price per pack!

Our machine is powered by the very latest Siemens control systems and we, in turn, are powered by Siemens Financial Services (SFS) as our funding partner. Typically, contracts last for 5 years, but there is scope to tailor our offer to your particular needs because we want you to unlock very significant savings in your business not only in secondary packaging material costs, but also in areas such as pallet handling and storage, line speeds and changeover times.