Household Packaging

Laundry & Household is a high-volume, high-speed business and the packaging process needs to play its part in quickly and reliably packing products that increasingly meet the need of consumers seeking environmentally sourced products.
From bulk packs to convenience packs, our TrakRap machine combined with innovative retail-ready packaging solutions help deliver your brand goals.


Tissue & Household Paper is a competitive retail environment that demands high-volumes and high-speeds whilst consumers are pushing for more and more sustainably sourced products and packaging.

As a staple on many weekly shopping lists it is important manufacturers stay competitive and meet their customer and consumer’s needs – Whether it is Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll or Wet Wipes, TrakRap helps you meet these needs not only by delivering high speeds and reducing downtime to increase manufacturing productivity but also, by making it easy for Supermarkets to get it onto their shelves quickly through innovative Retail Ready Packaging designs that incorporate “easy opening” as standard.

TrakRap pack designs guarantee to reduce your carbon footprint and cost less than any other end of line packaging solution.

Pet Care

As a nation of animal lovers, we want the best for our pets and therefore do not want beautifully presented primary packs damaged in transit to reach the shelves.

Our team has had great success working with Pet Care manufacturers by eliminating cardboard trays, reducing their plastic shrink wrap consumption and converting those savings into reduced secondary packaging costs.

TrakRap’s Packaging System is capable of collating a range of Pet Care packaging formats such as tins, boxes and pouches into Retail Ready Packs. Whether it is food, grooming products or toys our solutions team can advise on the most efficient and sustainable designs and solution that will benefit you and your customers.

Cleaning & Kitchen

The distribution of cleaning and kitchen products ultimately requires careful handling, making end of line packaging an important process in both the safe and secure transportation of goods as well as maintaining that all important on-shelf presentation.

From boxed product down to pump dispensed bottles TrakRap have the experience of wrapping the majority of applications and ensuring they are Retail Ready.

Because the TrakRap system has eliminated heat from the wrapping process, Aerosol Cans can now be wrapped safely without the inherent risk of explosion apparent in traditional heat tunnels – Read the Case Study here.

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Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh laundry? The Laundry Market is packed with endless variations of liquids, powders and gels so it’s imperative that manufacturers incorporate innovative, functional packaging in order to stay on top.

Replacing shrink wrap machinery with the TrakRap System will instantly reduce your plastic and cardboard consumption as well as removing heat from the packaging process. All this while delivering a functional, strong pack that has the support of many large UK supermarkets… and costs less too!

TrakRap’s Solution Team will explore how best to collate and wrap your product ready for transit to shelf whether your primary packs are boxes, bottles or pouches.

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