Health & Beauty Packaging

Thanks to Instagram influencers and YouTube vloggers, the UK’s health and beauty sector is bustling. Health and beauty is now the retail industry’s fastest growing sector, and is forecast to grow by 16.5 per cent until 2023, according to market research firm GlobalData.

The brands consumers select are representative of their values so with more of us becoming more conscientious of the environmental impact of our purchases TrakRap can help your brand to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce plastic use. All this and for less cost too.

Baby Product Packaging

With rising birth rates combined with an increase of disposable household income the baby care market has grown but that hasn’t stopped consumers looking for more bang for their buck putting pressures on manufacturers to keep prices competitive. A more recent challenge is the looming plastic levy that is due to come into force and consumers increased environmental awareness.

TrakRap tackles these challenges by firstly guaranteeing the lowest cost per pack when compared to old fashioned shrink wrapping and cardboard boxes, whilst ensuring that there is no upfront cost for the equipment, removing your need for capex investment. Secondly it will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your secondary packaging and reduce your plastic use by up to 70% thus off-setting any plastic levy or the cost of PRNs. What’s more it’s fully recyclable and supported by many large UK retailers. The award-winning machine collates and wraps a wide variety of packs, in a range of sizes at high speeds so whether it is nappies or baby food we will have a solution for you.

Toiletry Packaging

Now more than ever, consumers are increasingly paying attention to their skin, hair and body. The Toiletry sector is an intensely competitive category and maintaining or increasing margins is paramount. We at TrakRap have a lot of experience in Toiletries and the ability to improve your energy efficiency, reduce your impact on the environment and increase your throughput speed.

The whole TrakRap concept originated from a desire to make the packaging of aerosols safer by eliminating heat from the traditional shrink wrapping process. Today, the benefits have extended far beyond this to encompass all areas of eco-innovation from sustainability, low carbon, less energy and less waste. Of course, if you use less of everything it costs less too!

By delivering a much higher speed range, and quicker changeover times we can deliver a step change in productivity, flexibility and sustainability while maintaining or even improving your product quality. All this and, where aerosols are concerned, much more safely.

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