Core Grocery Packaging

Although the popularity of fresh food in convenience has increased in recent years, core groceries are still a prominent staple to many shoppers. Nearly every single household buys Core Groceries every week, with value being a key reason for their choice. The TrakRap Packaging System requires No Capex up front and offers the lowest cost per pack leaving manufacturers free to put some of those all-important pennies back into the customer’s pocket. Anyone who’s stacked shelves before will know how important it is to quickly identify a product, get it on the shelf easily and for it to look brilliant for customers. TrakRap’s cutting edge designs do just that!

Rice & Pasta Packaging

Grain product such as rice and pasta are very good for us and are often the main ingredients in many family meals but, like just about everything else, the challenge is on to reduce packaging waste from its primary and secondary packaging.

TrakRap’s machine combined with TrakPak, an alternative solution to RRP for collating products that have some integral primary pack strength can replace “tear off” RRP boxes reducing cardboard usage by up to 40% and resulting in big cost savings.

Desserts & Baking Packaging

Delicious and beautiful desserts and bakes deserve primary packaging that screams indulgence. Protecting this packaging in transit is of the utmost importance. That’s why full corrugate boxes are used, but this transit packaging solution is high cost and a high carbon footprint.

TrakRap can remove the need for a complete corrugate box and tape by combining their ‘cold wrap’ machine and innovative pack designs, which offer the same protection and pack strength at significantly less cost and with a much lower carbon footprint.

Beverages & Sugar Packaging

The Beverage and Sugar market is highly competitive, we deliver innovative and dynamic packaging solutions with significant environmental savings and operational excellence that helps provide manufacturers with an additional edge. Whatever your route to market, we offer a range of innovative packaging solutions to ensure your beverages arrive in perfect condition.

Savoury & Canned Packaging

In a bid to remove unnecessary, single-use plastics, well-known retailers and manufacturers have banished the use of shrink-wrapped multi-packs. Manufacturers can now take these savings one step further with a move from Shrink Wrap to TrakRap Packaging Solution.

A TrakRap Machine will reduce the plastic required on secondary packaging by up to 70%, is sustainable and backed by a closed-loop system meaning that it will never get out into the environment where it can cause harm to wildlife.

Trays and film are the transit packaging weapon of choice for manufacturers that use cans and jars. Here at TrakRap, we have a lot of experience reducing the amount of material used in our winning format, TrakTray. TrakTray collates product for transit into an extremely strong, recyclable pack ensuring the ultimate protection from production line to shelf and it looks great on the shelf too!

Condiments & Cooking

The use of a spice, a sauce, or preparation added to food to enhance or preserve or compliment a dish has been utilised since ancient times.

Today manufacturers and suppliers face more than just the centuries old obstacles of inventing a new flavour. Today, topics like preservation, packaging, on-shelf presence and most importantly, the sustainability of their packaging.

TrakRaps Machinery uses up to 90% less energy and up to 70% less plastic film than old fashioned heat tunnels. When combined with our TrakFilm, collating condiments and cooking sauces has suddenly become environmentally friendly and productive, producing up to 50 packs per minute, providing the lowest cost per pack and there’s no upfront capex required with our “pay per wrap” offer.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day as it replenishes our body’s energy after an all-night fast. Boxed cereals are a common site in the cereal aisle today for their easiness to stack and display but with more pressures on sustainability and convenience we are seeing different formats and on-the-go prepared cereals.

TrakRap are capable of combining and collating whatever the primary packaging format is into an environmentally friendly, easy to open, pack for transit and on shelf presentation with the all-important low-cost factor built in.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks are an extremely competitive market, and pressures to improve sustainability of the packaging seems to be mounting. TrakRap’s Solution collates bottles into strong packs, with or without a tray, and with easy tear perforations, less plastic and less energy versus any other wrapping machinery on the market we can guarantee your brand will maintain is strong environmental credentials.

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