Frozen Food Packaging

The Frozen Food sector is steadily increasing with changes in the way we live our lives, the rise in disposable income, busy schedules and improved living standards. The traditional secondary packaging process of getting frozen product from production lines to Supermarket freezers is high cost, time consuming and has a high carbon footprint.

TrakRaps award winning ‘cold wrap’ technology has enabled the heating element of a shrink tunnel to be completely eradicated offering Frozen Food Manufacturers huge savings.

Meat & Poultry Packaging

Freezing meat and poultry offers consumers many benefits and packaging is vital to providing shelf impact as well as cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Frozen Meat and Poultry’s primary packaging is uneven making it difficult to palletise for distribution. 0201 Cardboard boxes remedy this, but are expensive and don’t perform well with water ingress from the moisture content in the air. TrakRap combined with TrakStak creates stronger packs with the same stacking ability, but using up to 35% less corrugate and halving the amount of time taken to merchandise in-store.

Due to our ‘cold-wrap’ innovation, thin film around the outside of a minimal cardboard structure maintains strength and transit integrity. Because there is no heat in the wrapping process it’s perfect for packing frozen meat and poultry

Chips, Potatoes & Vegetable Packaging

Frozen Chips, Potatoes and Vegetables are often used straight from the freezer, offering great convenience and no wastage but with so much competition in the market, your packaging needs to stand out.

The introduction of a TrakRap machine can improve your productivity as well as reduce your packaging use and carbon footprint. The innovative “bomb door” pack designs allow freezer wells to be filled in half the time it takes to empty an 0201 box. All this means better profitability for the manufacturer and more savings to pass onto the customer by the retailer.

Desserts and Ice Cream Packaging

Before the freezer entered homes, we relied on the Ice Cream man or Bakeries to satisfy our dessert and ice cream desires but today it can all be stored at our fingertips. Today consumers are also making product choices with environmental sustainability in mind thus pushing retailers to challenge manufacturers to choose environmentally friendly, low carbon packaging solutions.

Most dessert and ice cream packs have a very strong primary pack strength meaning they do not require much integral support from their secondary packaging.

By eliminating heat from the packaging process, TrakFilm has become by far the lowest cost solution, wrapping un-collated products for distribution, using up to 90% less energy and up to 70% less film than traditional shrink tunnels.

Manufacturers can also expect a reduction in their compromised product waste due to microscopic ice crystallisation apparent in products passed through heat tunnels.

Meal Solution Packaging

Frozen meals are some of the most innovative and exciting foods to be introduced in our time and is a great solution where convenience reigns supreme. Delicious food anywhere any time! Meal Solutions demand the highest quality in packaging solutions, requiring excellent presentation with a focus on quality and taste transmitted to the customer by the all-important picture on the primary pack.

Typically, frozen foods, including meal solutions are prepared then packed in 0201 boxes or put through a shrink tunnel in order to collate multiple packs for efficient transit. TrakRaps solution revolutionises all this using TrakTray to provide the lowest carbon and lowest cost method to secure your packs for transit but switching to TrakRap offers you much more than this.

The TrakRap Packaging Solution has eliminated any heat from the wrapping process so is suitable for wrapping a wide variety of frozen meal solutions meals, whether it is vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in pouch, film, foil, corrugate or tray form. Furthermore, shelf ready solutions can be offered that significantly reduce the merchandising time in store and greatly improve presentation in glass door freezers.

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