Chilled Food Packaging

Choosing the right chilled food packaging can make all the difference when it comes to food production, storage and transport. At TrakRap we can offer a variety of food packaging solutions that are ideal for cooked meats, cheeses, ready meals and dairy products. Being able to preserve shelf-life and improve the presentation of chilled products on the shelves is crucial for supermarkets and other similar environments.

Our range of chilled food packaging can offer primary pack strength and appearance whilst saving on costs and reducing energy consumption, so that you can benefit from increased productivity and flexibility while maintaining product quality.

Cooked Meat Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging is a popular solution for Cooked Meats due to its efficiency from the packing line to the supermarket shelves and that all important on shelf presentation.

We have a lot of experience in cooked meats and our TrakTray is often a first choice for collating cooked meats that have a good primary pack strength but need to be shelf-ready. The TrakTray removes the need for in-store operatives to tear the corrugate top off of RRP packs providing assurance of on-shelf presence quality.

The TrakRap Secondary Packaging Solution uses a minimal amount of packaging materials and is ideal for high speed or manual packaging lines, delivering strong packs with significant savings on film and energy costs.

Cheese Packaging

A great source of protein and calcium, cheese is a staple purchase in many of our weekly shops in the UK. Shelf Ready Packaging for cheese is an excellent solution to getting product from the packing line to the supermarket shelf with the minimum commotion and maximum impact.

TrakRap Packaging System offers a packaging solution that is easy to assemble and fill on the packing line, provides excellent transit protection and at the same time reduces corrugate, plastic and energy consumption.

Ready Meal Packaging

The roots of the modern ready meal go back to 1950s America and have become a staple in many UK homes. Ready meals demand the highest quality in packaging solutions, requiring excellent “On Shelf” presentation with a focus on product shelf—life extension.
In Manufacturing, putting freshly prepared meals through a shrink tunnel oven is not the best way to guarantee Chill Chain Integrity but until now the only alternative was cardboard boxes with ugly tear off fronts for on-shelf presentation. TrakRap’s “Cold Wrap” innovation changes all that.

Tray and Film is the lowest carbon and lowest cost solution to securing product for transit.

Trakrap’s Packaging Solution has eradicated heat from the wrapping process, making it the perfect partner for wrapping a wide variety of ready meals, whether it is vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in pouch, film, foil, corrugate or tray form.

Dairy Packaging

More and more dairy manufacturers are coming to us looking to remove the risk of product being compromised through heat being applied to their product during the final packaging process. Dairy is an intensely competitive category and maintaining or increasing margins is paramount.

We at TrakRap have a lot of experience in Dairy and the ability to improve your energy efficiency, reduce your impact on the environment and increase your throughput speed.

By delivering a much higher speed range, unlocking the potential of the fillers, and quicker changeover times we can deliver a step change in productivity, flexibility and sustainability while maintaining or even improving your product quality.

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