Alcoholic Beverage Packaging

Consumer tastes never settle. They gradually change in subtle shifts and evolutions. And continued vitality in beers, wines and spirits means continued vitality in their packaging. The amount of packaging used for Beers, Wines and Spirits in transit is notorious for being excessive and therefore high cost and a high carbon footprint.

Imagine if you were able to control the amount of packaging applied so that it was the minimum amount to get the job done. That’s exactly what the TrakRap machine does and by doing so it always delivers the lowest cost per pack and the least amount of waste, without compromising on quality, strength, speed or sustainability.

Beer Packaging

The Brewing of Beer whether it is an Ale, Lager or Bitter is a complex, delicate process that offers rewarding tastes to conclude. In recent years we have all seen the criticism of some beer packaging around its sustainability and impact on wildlife.

TrakRap Packaging Solutions allows the removal of energy intensive shrink wrap from the secondary packaging process, using up to 70% less plastic and 90% less energy. When combined with the TrakTray packs become shelf-ready and ideal for high speed or manual packaging lines.

Wine Packaging

Wine is the staple of any dinner party and the compliment to an array of dishes but is a highly competitive market making it all the more difficult to obtain retails space. Retailers are pushing hard on manufacturers to come to them with more sustainable packaging. Wine is a heavily secondary packed product due to its often-delicate nature.

A recent WRAP study showed a huge variation in the packaging weights being used to pack 6’s and 12’s, but all doing the same job. We can offer the sustainability edge that can make your product stand out whilst reducing your pack costs significantly.

TrakRaps innovative TrakFilm designs can completely remove the need for any corrugate packaging by securing bottles in fully encapsulating film.

Alternatively in specifically engineered TrakTrays delivering secure, strong pack with the same protection as a corrugate box at a significantly less financial cost and impact on our environment.

Spirits Packaging

In order to obtain Spirits from the packing line to retailer shelves, full corrugate boxes are used which are then shrink wrapped.

TrakRap’s System can remove the need for a corrugate box entirely by using their innovative Retail Ready TrackTray Solution, which offers the same protection as a corrugate box at a significantly less financial cost and impact on our environment.

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